Elvis in Fashion

Introduction; King of Rock’n’Roll… and Fashion!

Throughout his career Elvis changed his fashion-style several times. Elvis represents rockabilly fashion in the fifties, classic suit fashion in the sixties, even leather style in the late sixties (the classic TV show in 1968), and what we may call "kitsch" during the seventies with his extravagant jumpsuits.

Elvis was never afraid to stand out with his outfits, and he does somehow represent an "over-the-top" fashion ... with big jewelry, big belt buckles, high collars and capes. Just imagine the pictures you have seen when Elvis met President Nixon.

Elvis had, and still has a huge impact on fashion. Elvis represents both fashion and non-fashion ... both good taste and bad taste ... and sometimes a timeless elegance. In any case ... Elvis is still alive and kicking in the fashion world and it is regularly some fashion creators and clothing chains that use Elvis as the spearhead for their collections.

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100 Most Influential People in Fashion: #8 Elvis (December, 2008)

Here we present an article written by Alicia Diaz Dennis for Zimbio, where the author ranks Elvis as #8 among the most influential people in fashion;  

Beginnings: In terms of being a groundbreaker, Elvis is on the forefront. He’s broke ground before groundbreaking was invented. What comes before groundbreaking, anyway? Whatever it is, that’s Elvis. Without his contributions to popular culture, we’d all probably be wearing monochrome jumpsuits right now.

In 1954, Elvis pioneered the rockabilly style; a sexed-up union of country, R&B set to a hard, danceable beat. Play “Hound Dog” on the internal music player in your head and you’ll get the picture. That song captures the evolved sense of the genre. Elvis’s third job was driving trucks, it’s on this job that he started to wear his hair in the ducktail fashion, as was the style of truckers. This would later carry over into his own rebellious stage appearance making Elvis the first of many future fashion tragedies to embrace the “trucker” look. When Elvis did it, it was cool because he was actually a trucker.

Career Highs: Elvis’s career took off with the torque equivalent to that of Space Shuttle Atlantis, and rarely slowed. Two days after his 21st birthday, Elvis made his first RCA recording in Nashville, Tennessee. Out of that session came “Heartbreak Hotel.” Three months later it hit number 1 on the U.S. charts selling more than a million copies. Elvis had entered the building with an uncompromising style that began with tight, black pant within which his famous hips tortured everyone from young women to fathers (for obviously different reasons).

Career Lows: Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’s manager, negotiated a contract in 1967 that gave him 50% of The King’s earnings. Parker was a gambler and it’s thought that it was this addiction that led to many overly commercial contracts. He was not the only associate to drag Presley down. In addition, after his 1973 divorce from Priscilla, prescription drugs began to take their toll. HE overdosed twice on barbiturates and was in a coma for three days. Incidentally, lab technicians were selling samples of Presley’s blood and urine, capitalizing on his poor health and fame.

Legacy: Elvis, the later years, was a bedazzled, kitschy caricature of a pop-culture monster: Over-weight, drugged up and paranoid. As a Halloween costume, Fat Elvis probably second behind Dracula in all time popularity. But the young Elvis is a thing of legend. Notes director Steve Binder: "I'm straight as an arrow and I got to tell you, you stop, whether you're male or female, to look at him. He was that good looking. And if you never knew he was a superstar, it wouldn't make any difference; if he'd walked in the room, you'd know somebody special was in your presence."

Get the look: Slicked back, jet-black hair in a subtle pompadour with modest sideburns, black button-down shirt tucked into black straight-leg jeans with pair of slender, 50s-style Gucci boots will forever be a cool look.

Source; Alicia Diaz Dennis for Zimbio – “100 Most Influential People in Fashion” (http://www.zimbio.com/100+Most+Influential+People+in+Fashion/articles/299/Fashion+Influential+8+Elvis+Presley)

C&A advert including Elvis (September 2011)

Clothing chain C&A has a new newspaper and magazine ad featuring Elvis. Earlier this year, C&A surprised the fans with a TV commercial (footage taken from the movie 'Spinout') that shows Elvis performing at a party with some lovely ladies. This time the "Love and Kiss" campaign is inspired by Elvis's 1957 movie "Jailhouse Rock".

Source: ElvisMatters (http://elvismatters.com/), Elvis News (http://www.elvisnews.com/)

Elvis fashion in Contributor Magazine (December 2011)

Eliza Cummings channels Elvis Presley for the winter 2011 issue of Contributor magazine in "Hound Dog", photographed by Camilla Akrans with makeup by Wendy Rowe.

Source; Tim Howard Management – “Wendy Rowe for the Cover of Contributor Magazine” (http://www.timhowardmanagement.com/news/wendy-rowe-for-the-cover-of-contributor-magazine)

Who What Wear: Elvis in Vegas (January 2012)

Here we present a little article by Who What Wear, presenting a collection inspired by Elvis Presley in Las Vegas;

Current-day Las Vegas may ooze glitz, glamour, and gambling, but nothing compares to the extravagance of the city's famous Elvis Presley era, when the King of Rock 'n' Roll and his flashy costumes ruled the stage and ushered in a period of indulgence. Over a dazzling seven-year run from 1969 to 1976, Elvis lured droves of fans-men and women eager for a glimpse of the Memphis Flash-and performed sold-out shows at the International Hotel (now the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino). Though his legacy lives on forever in his music, we certainly can't forget about his spectacularly flashy style. Elvis, a sartorial risk-taker even by today's standards, outfitted himself in a parade of ornate accessories, exuberantly printed button-downs, and jackets with exaggerated lapels. The singer was notoriously particular about his onstage ensembles; one of his most iconic (and often imitated) looks was a spangled white jumpsuit with a high collar, oversized belt buckle, and flared pants. Everything about his style, from the studs and precious stones to the sequins festooned on every piece of clothing, was done in excess-a concept we can certainly support. Here at Who What Wear headquarters, Elvis has not left the building!

Source; Who What Wear – “Currently Channeling… Elvis in Vegas” (http://www.whowhatwear.com/currently-channeling-vegas-elvis)

Elvis Music featured in AXE Commercial (February 2012)

A new commercial for AXE Anarchy deodorants and body sprays takes an unconventional approach and Elvis has a starring role!

While playing Elvis' "I Can't Help Falling in Love" in the background, the commercial displays a series of incidents causing a near catastrophic-like scene in the middle of an inner city. Men and women are seen wrecking into landmarks, dropping plates, and causing mass pile ups - all alluding to the irresistible smell of AXE products.

The commercial was part of the "AXE Anarchy, for Him and for Her, Unleash the Chaos" campaign.

Source; Elvis News – “Elvis Music Featured In AXE” (www.elvisnews.com/news.aspx/elvis...axe/13689)

Elvis Presley: King of Fashion Trend Setting (May 2012)

Here we present an article written by Arturo di Luca for Men Style Fashion focusing on Elvis as a fashion trendsetter;

Elvis Presley – King Of Fashion: Elvis Presley is the undisputed King of Rock and Roll. Known to the world over by his first name, he is regarded as one of the most important figures of twentieth century popular culture. Statistically, he holds records for the most Top 40 hits (104), the most Top 10 hits (38) and the most weeks at Number One (80). During his ‘concert years’ from 1969 to 1977, Elvis gave nearly 1,100 concert performances. His talent, good looks, sensuality, charisma, and good humor endeared him to millions, as did the humility and human kindness he demonstrated throughout his life. “He was the guy the guys wanted to be, and the guy the girls wanted to date,” said Kevin Kern, the director of public relations for Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Elvis and Colors: As a fashion icon Elvis, of course, was the Lady Gaga of his day, wearing outlandish garb one day and seeing it become street fashion the next. Imagine, before Elvis, a straight guy wearing a pink shirt (he wore many of those), a pink belt, and pink socks. The king wore handmade shirts and casual suits, to his flashy custom-made jewelry and shoes, he was the rock ‘n’ roll royalty dresser to adhere too. Elvis wore his hair long before everyone else thought it was fashionable. As for jeans, Mr. Kern said, “denim reminded Elvis of being poor, so he did not wear denim as an adult.” He was the master of wearing leather jackets embracing all colours and lets not forget his slick eye-wear.

Adopt His Style: Can we adopt his look for 2012?  We sure can, its about proportions and adapting his look to your wardrobe. One thing for sure, please embrace his eccentric side to fashion, even if it’s only his hairstyle.

Source; Arturo di Luca for Men Style Fashion – “Elvis Presley – King Of Fashion Trend Setting” (http://www.menstylefashion.com/elvis-presley-king-of-fashion-trend-setting/)

Elvis Lever (Elvis is Alive) (May 2013)

Fashion collection; Elvis Lever: Ellinore Erichsen by Andreas Ohlund for Elle Magazine Sweden.

Click on the link below to see the whole collection.

Source; Scarlett's Web: Scarlett Johansson – “Elvis Lever” (http://scarlett-johansson007.blogspot.com/2013/04/elvis-lever-ellinore-erichsen-by.html)

The Modern Take on Elvis Hair (October 2013)

Here we present a little article by Nicoleta Parascan for Fashionising, presenting a modern take on Elvis hair;

While it’s true that the rockabilly hairstyle has been on and off trend since its very creation, it’s equally true that this mid-20th Century rock hairstyle was packed with enough attitude as to assure its lingering existence for decades to come. Bond to experience a slow evolution, the men’s hairstyle trends are often built upon those few styles that managed to gain most prominence, on and off the runway.

It’s the case of the men’s modern greaser as well, as this particular hairstyle is currently being perceived as a stylish, slightly more tousled interpretation of a rockabilly slick back quiff. Worn with the right attitude and infused with an up-to-date quality, this style can appear both dashing and modern. Take Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner as an example on how to rock this bold and dapper hairstyle during the last months of 2013. For the modern guy in search of differentiation!

Source; Nicoleta Parascan for Fashionising – “Men: the modern take on Elvis hair you can rock right now” (http://www.fashionising.com/hair/b--alex-turner-hairstyle-how-to-64803.html)

Elvis in a Commercial for Fashion Retailer C&A (October 2014)

That commercial was for fashion retailer C&A, which operates in Europe and Brazil, but not the United States. Brazilian digital engineers have used Elvis footage from the movie Spinout.

Source; Elvis Blog – “Long Live Digital Elvis” (http://www.elvisblog.net/tag/elvis-commercials/)

Elvis Presley: Inspired by Iconic Style (December 2014)

Here we present an advert by Country Outfitter Style, presenting a collection inspired by the icon style of Elvis Presley;

If there is one thing we can say for sure about Elvis, it is that he had style. He had swagger when he wasn’t even trying, which is just one reason the masses adored him. His sultry mix of rhythm and blues with a touch of country paired with hip-shaking dance moves didn’t hurt either. And don’t forget about the films that influenced a generation. Whether he was performing on stage or screen, Elvis set trends. Even if you don’t want to dress like Elvis, you can still get that cool vibe. Start with one of these Elvis looks inspired by three of our favorite films.

Jailhouse Rock: This look is inspired by Elvis’ first album, Jailhouse Rock. Pair a striped tee with a black skinny jeans topped with a cool leather jacket. You can’t have an Elvis inspired look without blue suede, so we added a blue suede handbag and these stunning blue suede boots from American Rebel Boot Company’s Elvis Presley Blue Suede Collection.

Blue Hawaii: You won’t be able to help yourself from falling in love with this ensemble inspired by Elvis’ movie Blue Hawaii. Floral accessories remind us of island living while a blue suede bootie pulls the look together.

Viva Las Vegas! The final outfit is all about “Viva Las Vegas!” We love over-the-top glitz and glam perfect for dancing the night away. After all, you can’t think of Elvis without thinking of dancing!

We’re celebrating Elvis Presley all year long. Elvis would have been 80 years old this year, and his legacy lives on making him just as relevant today as he ever was. Click here to celebrate Elvis with us.

Source; Country Outfitter Style – “Elvis Presley: Inspired by Iconic Style” (http://www.countryoutfitter.com/style/elvis-presley-inspired-iconic-style/)

Esquire Magazine UK: Icons of Style: Elvis Presley (February 2015)

Elvis Presley is presented in the February 2015 issue of Esquire Magazine UK as one of the Icons of Style;

Too often the name Elvis Presley brings to mind flared jumpsuits and sequined ankle boots, perhaps even a detachable cloak: the Vegas King was very few people’s (Michael Flatley’s?) idea of a men’s style icon. But early Elvis was Fifties Americana incarnate: sharp suits, pleated slacks, short-sleeve shirts, letterman cardigans, crepe-soled shoes, the point where prep met rockabilly and youth culture switched from black and white to colour.

“In public,” Presley once remarked, “I like real conservative clothes, something that’s not too flashy. But on stage, I like ’em as flashy as you can get ’em.” Add gyrating hips and that famously curled lip and you have – with apologies to David Bowie – perhaps pop’s most influential dresser. Also: best hair, ever.

Source; Esquire UK Magazine – “Esquire Icons Of Style: Elvis Presley” (http://www.esquire.co.uk/style/article/7636/how-to-dress-like-elvis-presley/)