Elvis in Songs

A selection of songs written in memory of, or about Elvis

Below we have compiled more than 450 songs that are all about or mention Elvis.

The list includes contributions from most of the genres within pop music. Here you will find both world-famous artists (U2, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, just to namedrop a few), and singers only a small number of you have heard of.

It is interesting to look at some of the numbers and facts; 43 songs were released while Elvis was still alive. I can hardly imagine that any other pop artist is mentioned so frequently in others songs while he or she is still alive.

More than 50 of the songs are released during the last 10 years. So, this may indicate that Elvis is still alive in our consciousness, and I believe with certainty that the last song about Elvis is yet to be written.

I think it is also worth mentioning that a present day artist like Lana Del Rey, has released several songs that deal with or mention Elvis. She is among the bestselling artists in the recent years, and she is certainly helping to bring out Elvis to a new generation!

See if you can find your own favorite in the list below!


(619) 239-KING by Mojo Nixon (1989)

105 by Fred Eaglesmith (1998)

1959 by John Anderson (1980)

1977 by The Clash (1977)

57 Channels and Nothing On by Bruce Springsteen (1992)

A Century of Elvis by Belle and Sebastian (1997)

A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch by Dead Kennedys (1985)

A Hundred and One by Bryan White (1996)

A Liddle Biddy Help from Elvis by Space (1998)

A Lot of Things Different by Kenny Chesney (2002)

A Rock N' Roll Fantasy by The Kinks (1978)

A Room At The Heartbreak Hotel by U2 (1988)

Abel And Elvis by Willie "Loco" Alexander (1992)

Advertising Space by Robbie Williams (2005)

Alcohol and Pills by Fred Eaglesmith (1998)

Alcohol and Pills by Todd Snider (2004)

All I Want To Do by Sugarland (2008)

All My Friends Say by Luke Bryan (2007)

All the Way From Memphis by Mott The Hoople (1972)

American by Lana Del Rey (2012)

American Pie by Don McLean (1971)

American Ride by Willie Nile (2013)

American Roulette by Robbie Robertson (1987)

Angel by Eurythmics (1990)

Angels Song: Dear Elvis Presley by Kaleidoscope (1991)

Apology by Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express (2005)

Apparition In Las Vegas by Pete Atkin (1973)

Armageddon by Prism (1979)

Baby Boom Che' by John Trudell (1992)

Back 2 the Base by X (1982)

Back to Tupelo by Mark Knopfler (2004)

Ballad Of Elvis And Pricilla by The Red Elvises (1996)

Baptize Me Over Elvis Presley's Grave by Flies of Fire (1986)

Bastard Son of Elvis by Denzil (1994)

Bastards of Young by The Replacements (1985)

Big As Life by Hamell on Trial (1996)

Big Train from Memphis by John Fogerty (1985)

Bigger than Elvis by Chicago (1994)

Bigger Than Elvis by Sonny Burgess (----)

Bigger Than the Beatles by Joe Diffie (1995)

Black Elvis by Gold Blade (1996)

Black Velvet by Alannah Myles (1989)

Blackpool Pier by Manic Street Preachers (1996)

Bloc Bloc Bloc by OMD (1985)

Blue Moon Revisited (A Song For Elvis) by Cowboy Junkies (1988)

Body Electric by Lana Del Rey (2012)

Bones Of Elvis by Nik Turner (1994)

Born to be Sold by Transvision Vamp (1989)

Boy From Tupelo by Emmylou Harris (2000)

Braille by Regina Spektor (2001)

Bringing Out The Elvis by Faith Hill (1999)

Bringing Out The Elvis by Louise Hoffsten (1995)

Broken Whiskey Glass by Jason & The Scorchers (1984)

Bubba Hyde by Diamond Rio (1995)

Buried Next to the King by Zombie Ghost Train (2006)

Burma Shave by Tom Waits (1977)

Bye Bye Birdie by Ann Margeret (1963)

Bye Bye Elvis by Genee Harris (1959)

Calling Elvis by Dire Straits (1991)

Carl Perkins Cadillac by Drive-By Truckers (2004)

Champagne Dreams by Cybelvis Monroe (----)

Changes Comin' On by Alabama (1982)

Chocolate Cake by Crowded House (1991)

Chocolate Elvis by Tosca (1999)

Code-Word Elvis by Eberhard Schoener feat. Sting (1985)

Colour by Blue Aeroplanes (1991)

Cool Corona by Nice Device (1993)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen (1979)

Cry Like Memphis by Tamara Walker (2002)

Dancin' With Elvis by Tammy Graham (1996)

Dancin' With Elvis by Gina Jeffreys (1998)

Darshan (Road to Graceland) by David Sylvian & Robert Fripp (1994)

Dashboard Elvis by Bob Lowery (2000)

Dead Elvis by Doug Anthony All Stars (1990)

Dead Elvis by Michael Daugherty (1993)

Dear 53310761 by The Threeteens (w/ Duane Eddy on guitar) (1958)

Dear Elvis (With love from Audrey) by Audrey (1956)

Delta Sun by Linda Ann McConnell (2009)

Did You Know Elvis? by Jimmy Velvet (1992)

DisGraceland by Alice Cooper (2001)

Do Anything You Wanna Do by Thin Lizzy (1979)

Do You Remember? by The Beach Boys (1964)

Don't Blame it on Elvis by Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Katz (2010)

Don't Blame it on Elvis by The Fabulous McClevertys (1957)

Don't Knock Elvis by Felton Jarvis (1959)

Don't Step in my Blue Suede Shoes by Christine Collister and Clive Gregson (1989)

Double-headed Elvis by Per Gessle (2005)

Eddy Eddy by Angélica María (1962)

Ei edes Elvis loistossaan (Not Even Elvis Even at His Prime) by M. A. Numminen (----)

Elviksen kuolema (Elvis's Death) by Eppu Normaali (----)

Elvis & Jimmy by Milton Crabapple (1995)

Elvis & Me by Dance Hall Crashers (1997)

Elvis & Me by Jimmy Webb (1994)

Elvis & Me by The Kids (1958)

Elvis (Ego Trip) by P. D. Q. (1997)

Elvis (The Last Thought on Elvis) by Stark Raving Chandler (1996)

Elvis Ain't Dead by Scouting for Girls (2007)

Elvis and Andy by Confederate Railroad (1994)

Elvis and Bears by The Red Elvises (1996)

Elvis and His Boss by The Residents (1978)

Elvis and I by Denis Leary (1997)

Elvis and Marilyn by Leon Russell (1978)

Elvis at the Hop by Scott Henderson feat. Tribal Tech (1991)

Elvis Ate America by The Passengers (U2 feat. Brian Eno) (1995)

Elvis Beats by Sleepy C (1998)

Elvis Bought Dora a Cadillac by Wall of Woodoo (1979)

Elvis by AOA (2012)

Elvis by Big Head Todd & The Monsters (1991)

Elvis by Bill Hicks (1997)

Elvis by Julie Lang (----)

Elvis by Kent (1997)

Elvis by Lana Del Rey (2008)

Elvis by Leki & The Sweet Mints (2009)

Elvis by Longpigs (1996)

Elvis by Pat Green (2003)

Elvis by Rorschach Test (1998)

Elvis by Sister Hazel (2000)

Elvis by Super Garage (1997)

Elvis by The Dobrogosz Quartet (1997)

Elvis Christ by Death Ride '69 (1988)

Elvis' Corvette by Disdjits (1988)

Elvis Decanter by Vandals (1988)

Elvis Died for Our Sins by Jon Downes and the Amphibians from Outer Space Jonathan Downes (----)

Elvis Died for You by Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction (1991)

Elvis Died Today by Paul and Storm (2007)

Elvis Don't Come Back from the Grave by T.I.D.E. (2014)

Elvis está vivo ("Elvis is alive") by Andrés Calamaro (1997)

Elvis Has Just Left The Building by Frank Zappa (1988)

Elvis Has Left the Building by Jerry Reed (Old Dogs) (1998)

Elvis Has Left the Building by Larry Norman (1994)

Elvis Hooker by Pure (1998)

Elvis' House by Figures on a Beach (1987)

Elvis Imitators by Jimmy Buffet (1992)

Elvis Imitators by Steve Goodman (1983)

Elvis Impersonator Blues by Beasts of Bourbon (1988)

Elvis in Germany by Per Gessle (1997)

Elvis in Paraguay by Generic Blue Band (1986)

Elvis in the Army by Leroi Brothers (1985)

Elvis in Vegas by Meat Loaf (2010)

Elvis Incorporated by Sons of Ishmael (1987)

Elvis Inside of Me by The Strangemen (1998)

Elvis is Coming Back For Christmas by Pat Godwin (1996)

Elvis is Dead by Forgotten Rebels (1989)

Elvis is Dead by Living Colour (1990)

Elvis is Dead by MxPx (1998)

Elvis is Dead by Peter and the Test Tube Babies (1994)

Elvis is Everywhere by Mojo Nixon (1987)

Elvis Lives by Seven Forty Boyz (1996)

Elvis Lives by Subway to Sally (1994)

Elvis Lives on the Moon by Lindisfarne (1993)

Elvis Loved His Mama by Jimmy LaFave (2001)

Elvis Magic by Donna Visone (----)

Elvis of Marysville by Cindy Lee Berryhill (1996)

Elvis of the Night by Evageline (1993)

Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in My Soul by KLF (1990)

Elvis on Velvet by Stray Cats (1992)

Elvis Perez by Lalo Guerrero (1956)

Elvis Presley And America by U2 (1984)

Elvis Presley Blues by Gillian Welch (2001)

Elvis Presley Blues by Jimmy Buffett (2006)

Elvis Presley Boulevard by Billy Joel (1982)

Elvis Presley for President by Lou Monte (1956)

Elvis Presley for President by Randel Porter & Mark Hancock (1989)

Elvis Presley Heart by Intensive Care (1987)

Elvis' Roll Royce by Was Not Was feat. Leonard Cochen (1990)

Elvis' Sister by The Paladins (1998)

Elvis Slept Here by Slow Leek (1996)

Elvis Stole My Gal by Vernon Pullins (----)

Elvis Superstar by Matrimony (1997)

Elvis Waits by Nan Vernon (1995)

Elvis Was a Narc by Pinkard and Bowden (1990)

Elvis Was a Skinhead by The Ataris (1996)

Elvis Was My Daddy by Crack The Sky (1986)

Elvis Went to Hollywood by Counting Crows (2014)

Elvis What Happened? by Mr. Bonus (1986)

Elvis' Wild Ride by The String Cheese Incident (1998)

Elvis Zombie by Pink Slip Daddy (1988)

Elvis, Be True by Liz Phair (1991)

Elvis, Marilyn and James Dean by The Bellamy Brothers (1995)

Elvis, Marvin and John by Dion (1985)

Elvis, Satan & Jimmy Page by Bitch Funky Sex Machine (1994)

Elvis, The Last Ten Days by The Nightinggales (1981)

Elvisly Yours by The Johnnys (1987)

Elvism by Burger Ink (1998)

Ethän vertaa mua Elvikseen (You Won't Compare Me to Elvis) by Kari Peitsamon Skootteri (1990)

Everybody's Making it Big But Me by Dr Hook (1974)

Everything Zen by Bush (1995)

Evil Elvis by Therapy? (1993)

Face Down by Prince (1996)

Female Elvis by Gods Child (1996)

Fight the Power by Public Enemy (1989)

Finite = Alright by David Byrne (1997)

FM (No Static at All) by Steely Dan (1978)

Free Fallin' by Tom Petty (1989)

From Galway to Graceland by Richard Thompson (1993)

From Graceland To The Promised Land by Merle Haggard (1977)

God by John Lennon (1970)

God's Little Elvis by Peter Blakeley (1993)

God's Other Son by The Good Sons (1995)

Goin' to Graceland by Dead Milkmen (1987)

Gone by Switchfoot (2003)

Gonna Drive Em Up A Wall by Gene Summers and Shawn Summers (2008)

Good Bless You Kid by The Blue Nile (1996)

Goodbye Elvis by Will Tura (1977)

Goodbye Priscilla (Bye Bye Baby Blue) by Gene Summers (1977)

Graceland by Charlie Sexton (1993)

Graceland by Dan Bern (2003)

Graceland by Paul Simon (1986)

Hallucinating Elvis by Duran Duran (2000)

Hanging Out With Elvis by Gerlad Bair (1998)

Happy Birthday Elvis by Loudon Wainwright III (1993)

Harrow Road by Big Audio Dynamite (1994)

Hawaiian Tropic by Lana Del Rey (2010)

He Ate Too Many Jelly Donuts by Rick Dees & His Cast of Idiots (1977)

He Was the King by Neil Young (1979)

Hey Elvis by Billy Ray Cyrus (2000)

Hey Elvis by Bryan Adams (1997)

Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) by Neil Young (1979)

Hey Memphis by LaVern Baker (1961)

Hey! Mr. Presley by Peter De Bree And The Wanderers (1958)

Hiawatha by Laurie Anderson (1989)

High Lonesome by The Gaslight Anthem (2008)

His Name is Elvis by Rita Connoly (1995)

Hobart Paving by St. Etienne (1993)

Hollywood Situation by Hudson Brothers (1974)

Hollywood's Dead by Lana Del Rey (Unreleased) (2011)

Home on a Monday by Little River Band (1977)

Hot for Elvis by Mark Campbell (1997)

Hound Dog Man by Roy Orbison (1979)

House of Cards by Steve Forbert (1978)

Hypertext Elvis by Bongo Poets (2001)


I Dreamed I Was Elvis by Sonny Cole (1957)

I Predict by Sparks (1982)

I Remember Elvis Presley by Danny Mirror (1977)

I Saw Elvis at Wal-Mart by Billy Walker (2003)

I Saw Elvis by Toini and the Tomcats (1997)

I Saw Elvis in a UFO by Ray Stevens (1989)

I Saw Elvis Presley Last Night by Gary Lewis & The Playboys (1969)

I Saw Mr. Presley Tip-toeing Through The Tulips by Tiny Tim (1980)

I Still Believe by Frank Turner (2010)

I Try to Think About Elvis by Patty Loveless (1995)

I Used To Be Somebody by June Carter Cash (1999)

I Wanna Be Elvis by Rick Dees & His Cast of Idiots (1985)

I Wish I Could Meet Elvis by Alex Chilton (1970)

Idol by Alton Yi (----)

If Dirt Were Dollars by Don Henley (1989)

If You Don't Know by George Hamilton IV (1956)

I'm Hanging Up My Rifle by Bobby Bare (1959)

In The Days Before Rock & Roll by Van Morrison (1990)

Is The King Still Alive by Johnny Harra (----)

It Came From the South by Al Anderson (1996)

It Won't Happen With Me by Jerry Lee Lewis (1961)

It's A Damn Shame About You by Sway (Espen Lind) (1997)

It's All In Your Head by Diamond Rio (1996)

It's Elvis by Go Go Gorilla (1992)

It's Good To Be King by Tom Petty (1994)

Jesse by Scott Walker (2006)

Jesus and Elvis by Greg Brown (1994)

Jesus Mentioned by Warren Zevon (1982)

Jnr. Elvis by Submarine (1996)

John & Elvis are Dead by George Michael (2005)

Johnny Bye Bye by Bruce Springsteen (1985)

Johnny Ryall by Beastie Boys (1989)

Juanita by Jack Ingram (1999)

Just Like New by Wynonna Judd (1993)

Karma by Diffuser (2001)

King by Marillion (1995)

King of Rock'n'Roll - Dio (1985)

King of the Mountain by Kate Bush (2005)

King Rocker by Generation X (1979)

King's Call by Phil Lynott (1980)

La voix d'Elvis by Eddy Mitchell (1977)

Last Name by Carrie Underwood (2008)

Lewis Boogie by Jerry Lee Lewis (1964)

Life Without Elvis by Bela Fleck & The Flecktones (1992)

Lights Out by Lisa Marie Presley (2003)

Listening to Elvis by Sid Straw (1985)

Little Elvis by Carnival Art (1992)

Lizzy by Melvins (1993)

Looking for Elvis by Patti Scialfa (2007)

Loverman by Graham Parker (1995)

Made in England by Elton John (1995)

Mama's In the Sky With Elvis by Ray Stevens (1988)

Man on the Moon by R.E.M. (1992)

Maybe Angels by Sheryl Crow (1996)

Me and Elvis by Human Radio (1990)

Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis by Brand New (2003)

Megalomaniac by Incubus (2004)

Memphis by The Bad Loves (1993)

Memphis Rocks by Billy Swan (2000)

Memphis, Egypt by The Mecons (1989)

Midnight Radio Elvis by Big Head Todd (1990)

Mighty Big Car by Fred Eaglesmith (1999)

Mission Drive by The Wonder Stuff (1991)

Mmm Skyscraper I Love You by Underworld (1994)

Money Fall Out of the Sky by Cool It, Reba (1982)

Moondog by Prefab Sprout (1990)

My Boy Elvis by Janis Martin (1956)

My Dog Thinks I'm Elvis by Ray Herndon (2004)

My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) by Neil Young (1979)

My Velvet Elvis by Farnell Cole (----)

New Kid (On the Block) by Barenaked Ladies (1992)

Nobody Knows by Payl Brady (1990)

Nobody Knows I'm Elvis by Waylon Jennings (1994)

Nobody Noticed It by Lisa Marie Presley (2003)

Oh Elvis! by Reed Harper & the Three Notes (----)

Oh! It Was Elvis by Carmela Rosella (1961)

Old King by Neil Young (1992)

On Elvis' Birthday by Elliot Murphy (1991)

Only Elvis by Uncle Bonsai (----)

Opium Shuffle (Dead Elvis Mix) by Death in Vegas (1995)

Outdoor Elvis by The Swirling Eddies (1989)

Paint Me on Velvet by Austin Lounge Lizards (1993)

Pass Me By by Insane Clown Posse (1997)

Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode (1989)

Picture Elvis by Moist (1994)

Plastic Elvis by The Bevis Fond (1994)

Porcelain Monkey by Warren Zevon (2000)

Porch Swing in Tupelo by Elton John (2004)

Postcard from Elvis by Tex, Don and Charlie (1993)

Pretend I'm Elvis (For Just One Night) by Terry Scott Taylor (2000)

Public Park by Ballboy (2001)

Queen Elvis by Robin Hitchcock (1990)

Queen of Memphis by Confederate Railroad (1992)

Real Good Looking Boy by The Who (2004)

Redneck Heaven by Billy Ray Cyrus (1994)

Reminisce Cafe by Gene Summers (2008)

Rendezvous by The db's (1984)

Restin' Bones by Primus (1997)

Return of the All American Boy by Billy Adams & The Rock-a-Teers (1959)

Return of the Grievous Angel by Gram Parsons (1974)

Riding with the King by John Hiatt (1983)

Rockin' With Elvis Tonight by Jimmy Velvit (----)

Rockstar by Nickelback (2005)

Round Here by Counting Crows (1993)

Saint Elvis by Del-Lords (1986)

Satisfied by Darden Smith (2005)

Say It Isn't So by Bon Jovi (2000)

Scotty Moore,Bill Black and Elvis by Aztec Two-Step (2004)

Sermon from Bethlehem (Album) by Reverend Billy C. Wirtz (2006)

She Loves It When He Sings Like Elvis by Television Personalities (1993)

Shooba-Doobah (Elvis's Vacation) by The Red Elvises (1996)

Show Me by Over the Rhine (2003)

Sidewinder by Lard (1997)

Singing the Glory Down by The Good Sons (1994)

Singing with Angels by Suzi Quatro (2010)

Ska vi älska, så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly by Gyllene Tider (1980)

Small Town Saturday Night by Hal Ketchum (1991)

Sometimes I Feel Like Elvis by Wynonna Judd (2003)

Standard White Jesus by Timbuk 3 (1989)

Stars of Warburton by Midnight Oil (1990)

Still by Linda Ann McConnell (2009)

Stranger Than You by Joe Jackson (2000)

Summer Days by Bob Dylan (2001)

Sunday Dress by Dala (2007)

Talking To The King by Joe Grushecky & The Iron City Houserockers (1992)

Tennessee Hero by Johnny Wakelin (1975)

Tennessee Plates by John Hiatt (1988)

Thank U by Sara Craig (1994)

That Ain't Elvis Playing Piano by Eighteen Visions (2000)

That Don't Impress Me Much by Shania Twain (1998)

That Elvis Track by Sol Brothers (1997)

That's Why by John Gorka (1994)

The All American Boy by Bill Parsons (1958)

The All American Boy by Bobby Bare (as Bill Parsons) (1958)

The Class by Chubby Checker (1959)

The Comeback by Prefab Sprout (1990)

The Day Elvis Died by Boxcar Willie (1994)

The Delivery Man by Elvis Costello (2004)

The Drag Queens of Memphis by Sponge (1996)

The Elvis Blues by Otto Bash (1956)

The Letter by Wayne Newton (1992)

The E.P. Express by Carl Perkins (1975)

The Elvis Thing by The Tractors (Steve Ripley, James Burton, Scotty Moore, D.J.Fontana) (1988)

The Fifties Suck by Pinkard and Bowden (1990)

The Gift of Elvis by The Problems (2001)

The Greatest Star Of All by Skip Jackson (1977)

The King & Eye by The Residents (Concept Album) (1989)

The King Gets a Day Job by Reverend Billy C. Wirtz (1994)

The King is Coming Back by Billy & Eddie (1959)

The King is Gone (So Are You) (aka; Yabba Dadda Doo) by George Jones (1989)

The King is Gone (So Are You) (aka; Yabba Dabba Doo) by The Earls of Suave (1994)

The King is Gone by Ronnie McDowell (1977)

The King Knows How by Over The Rhine (2011)

The King of Dixie by Marty Stewart (1993)

The King Will Never Die by Ball (1987)

The Lady is a Vamp by Spice Girls (1997)

The Last Day of My Life by Sway (1995)

The Only King by The Everybodyfields (2005)

The Playboy Mansion by U2 (1997)

The Ressurection by Death Ride '69 (1996)

The Revenge of Anus Parsley by Butthole Surfers (1983)

The Sock by The Valentines (1961)

The Spirit of Rock and Roll by Brian Wilson (1991)

The Story of Elvis Presley by Jim Ford (1960)

The Way It Was by The Killers (2012)

The Whole World Misses You (We Miss You Elvis) by Carl Perkins (1978)

The Windfall (Everything for Nothing) by Joni Mitchell (1991)

There's a Guy Works Down The Chip Shop (Swears He's Elvis) by Kirsty MacColl (1981)

They Dug Up Elvis! By Lance Kaufman (1988)

Things Change Tim McGraw (2001)

This Ain't Vegas and You Ain't Elvis by Spitfire

Too Late to Die Young by Dan Bern (1997)

Too Tired by The Cages (1992)

Too Tired to be Elvis by Heather Eatman (1999)

Truck Drivin' Elvis by Steven Ackles (1995)

Tupelo by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (1985)

Tupelo by Rita Chiarelli (1994)

Tupelo by Subdudes (1989)

Tupelo Mississippi Flash by Jerry Reed (1967)

Tupelo's Too Far by Ronnie McDowell (1997)

Turning Into Elvis by KYF Brewer (1996)

TV Talkin' Song by Bob Dylan (1990)

Twilight's Last Gleaming by Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper (1986)

Typical Town by Dean Friedman (1998)

Uncle Sam's Call by Jimmy Woodall (1958)

Unspeakable Elvis by Geezer (1997)

Up Your Speed by Sway DaSafo (2006)

Velvet Crush by The Ringling Sisters (1990)

Velvet Elvis by "Weird Al" Yankovic (1990)

Velvet Elvis by Adrenaline A.O.D. (1987)

Velvet Elvis by Aztec Two Steps (1986)

Velvet Elvis by Pink Lincolns (1987)

Velvet Elvis by Scott Davis (1992)

Velvet Elvis by STIR (2000)

Velvet Elvis by Ralston Bowles (2005)

Velvet Elvis by Alex Winston (2011)

Velvet Presley by The Wildhearts (1998)

Wake Up Elvis by Alan Charing (2004)

Walking in Memphis by Cher (1995)

Walking in Memphis by Lonestar (2003)

Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn (1991)

We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel (1989)

We Remember The King by Johnny Cash (feat. Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis) (1986)

Weeping Statues by Graham Parker (1991)

Wendy Under The Stars by Odds (1991)

Went to see the Gypsy by Bob Dylan (1970)

What is This Generation Coming To? by Robert Mitchum (1957)

What Would Elvis Do by Cee Cee Chapman (1990)

What Would Elvis Do by Paul Hyde (1989)

Whatchu Want by The Commission (feat. Jay-Z and The Notorious B.I.G.) (2005)

When by Shania Twain (1997)

Where Heroes Go To Die by Sway (1997)

Where's Elvis? by M-Phazes feat. Drapht (2010)

Where's Elvis? by Paul Mousavi (1994)

White Man's Melody by Cyndi Lauper (1998)

Who Is Elvis? By Interactive (1992)

Who Shot Elvis by Mecca Normal (1997)

Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes by George Jones (1985)

Why Can't They Leave Him Alone? by George Christie (1987)

Without Me by Eminem (2002)

Worthless Thing by Elvis Costello (1984)

Wote Elvis by The Popinjays (1992)

Wrong Side of Memphis by Trisha Yearwood (1992)

Yabba Dabba Doo (see; The King is Gone (So Are You))

You Are Like Elvis by Diane Cluck (2000)

You Do Belong (Teenage Suicide) by Donovan (1993)

You're My Favorite Star by The Bellamy Brothers (1981)

You're Never Too Old to Rock by Bill Haley's Comets (1994)

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