Elvis Presley's Impact on Conspiracy Theories

In this chapter we will highlight some special themes that confirm Elvis’ impact on a diversity of conspiracy theories. This page will be continuously updated with new posts.

August 16th-18th 1977... The facts!

August 16th, 1977 started as just an ordinary day for the inhabitants of Memphis, the city often called “the cradle of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. It was indeed unusually hot this day and already in the early afternoon the temperature had risen to more than 30 degrees Celsius.

Even at Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, the day started as just any other day. Elvis was scheduled to go on yet another tour the following day, and the preparation for his departure was in full motion. Sometime around 2.30pm Elvis' girlfriend Ginger Alden calls the kitchen staff and cries out that they need urgent help upstairs in Elvis’ bathroom; she had just found Elvis lifeless on the floor.

The next hour is kind of foggy, but it is a fact that after the first attempt to revive Elvis in the bathroom where he was found, the medics rushed Elvis to the Baptist Memorial Hospital where all efforts to revive him was in vain. Elvis was declared dead at 3.30pm.

The news first hits Memphis, and it hits hard. Within a few hours thousands of grieving fans flocked to the gates of Graceland to share their grief. Just hours later the whole world knew; “The King was dead!”

The burial... hour by hour

Wednesday, August 17th, 12noon – 3pm; Elvis’ body was returned to Graceland from the funeral home shortly before noon on Wednesday August 17th. The coffin was placed in the archway between the living room and the music room, so family and friends could view the body. At this time approximately 50,000 mourners had gathered outside the gates of Graceland.

Wednesday, August 17th, 3pm – 6:30pm; Later that day the coffin was moved to the foyer, underneath a crystal chandelier for the public viewing that was scheduled to take place between 3pm and 5pm. At 5pm, Vernon was persuaded to allow the viewing to continue for yet another hour and a half, since ten thousands of fans was still queued up outside Graceland and down Elvis Presley Boulevard. The Police later reported; Elvis fans knew how to behave themselves… there were no signs of a riot.

Thursday, August 18th, 8am; Already during the early morning hours thousands of grieving fans had once again gathered outside the gates of Graceland, and many had spent the night there. A tragedy occurs before 9 o'clock when an 18 year old kid runs his car into the crowd, killing two women. A third woman was severely injured. The driver was allegedly mentally unbalanced.

Thursday, August 18th, 9am; At 9pm more than 100 vans began to move flowers from Graceland to the gravesite. They kept going for more than four hours, and even then not all the flowers were moved.

Thursday, August 18th, 12noon; At noon the first invited guests began to arrive at Graceland. Among the guests were Ann-Margret, Chet Atkins and Ray Blanton (the Governor of Tennessee).

Thursday, August 18th, 12noon; At the same time the singers had begun to prepare the hymns that should be performed during the ceremony. It was decided that Katy Westmoreland would perform "My Heavenly Father", James Blackwood would perform one of Elvis' own favorite hymns, "How Great Thou Art", and JD Sumner and The Stamps would contribute the majority of the overall program.

Thursday, August 18th, 2pm; The service, ministered by Reverend Bradley, began with the song "Danny Boy". It was originally scheduled that the ceremony would last for half an hour, but because of the speeches and a desire to perform the hymns Elvis himself had cherished so deep, it lasted for more than an hour. Vernon was grieving heavily over his son's death, and he wept during most of the sermon. After the service the 900-pound copper coffin was carried by pallbearers Jerry Schilling, Joe Esposito, George Klein, Lamar Fike, Billy Smith, Charlie Hodges, Gene Smith, and Dr. George Nichopoulous into the waiting hearse.

Thursday, August 18th, 3:30pm; Elvis' burial began with a long procession, involving seventeen white limousines, down the street that bore his name. Approximately 80,000 people had lined up along the processional route to Forest Hill Cemetery.

Thursday, August 18th, 4 – 4:30pm; A small service was then held in the mausoleum at Forest Hill Cemetery, followed by the paying of respects from family and friends. Vernon was the last to pay his respects. He kissed the coffin and repeated "Daddy will be with you soon". Elvis was officially buried at 4:30pm next to his mother. He was wearing a white suit and a blue shirt.

Back home to the Meditation Garden; After a failed break-in by grave robbers, it was decided on October 3rd, 1977 to move Elvis’ body to its present location in the Meditation Garden at Graceland.

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I am the illegitimate child of the King!

Through the years many have claimed that they are the offspring of the “King of Rock 'n' Roll”. At its peak (in the first half of the 80s) the Graceland estate received several claims every month! The wish for five minutes of fame, and access to what they believe is their rightful inheritance seems to be the main motives.

Some of the claims prove to be just some people’s desire for attention. In other cases, the requirements are more detailed and there may even be a certain physical resemblance. Below are listed some of the claims that have received a fair share of attention in the media.

Tim Farrell: Tim Farrell is an ordinary mechanic. After Elvis died in 1977, his mother told him that he was a result of a one-night-stand with Elvis in 1954. In 2002, on her deathbed, she once again confides to her son that it actually was Elvis who was his father. Since then, Farrell has spent much time to confirm his origin with DNA tests, without succeeding. We must admit that Farrell has certain similarities with Elvis' father Vernon, and he supposedly has a singing voice that may remind a lot about Elvis (as so many others through the years).

Deborah Presley: Deborah Presley was born in 1956. When she was growing up, she heard her mother’s stories about meeting Elvis during the fifties. When her friends kept on telling her that she looked a lot like Elvis, she decided to ask her mother straight out if Elvis could be her biological father. Her mom confirmed that he actually was. In the 80s she went to court to prove that she was a rightful heir and daughter of Elvis. She did not succeed in court the first time around, but the ruling was appealed. The Appeals court had another opinion. This time the sentence was that the court could not PROVE that Deborah was not a biological child of Elvis, but the Appeals court upheld the previous presiding that she was not entitled inheritance. You can read more on her Facebook page.

Desirée Presley: Desirée Presley represents one of the more renowned paternity cases. She came to attention after her mother Lucy De Barbin published the book “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” in 1988. The book tells the story of De Barbin’s alleged 24-year-long-lasting love relationship to Elvis. Desirée came as a result of this. The authenticity of the story (book) has been questioned by Elvis’ close friends, and several of them have dismissed the whole thing as a hoax. To be honest… Desirée does resemble Elvis quite a lot.

John Smith: Country singer John Smith from Scottsdale claims to be a secret child of Elvis, and he apparently got the DNA evidence to prove it. We got the whole story in his book “Let the Boy Sing: Elvis Is My Daddy” (2013). In his book he tells us that he has known that he was the son of Elvis for almost 25 years (why wait so long to tell everybody?). Furthermore, he tells that the King himself set up a money fund for him. He has done gigs with John Denver, written songs for Kenny Rogers, and recorded an album with music legends who also recorded with Elvis. Everything arranged by Elvis, who has looked after his boy through the years (?). One tiny problem… not all of these claims can be confirmed by others.

Lisa Johansen: The Swedish attorney and mother of four Lisa Johansen say she is the real daughter of Elvis… the real Lisa Marie Presley. Johansen claims in her book “I Lisa Marie: The True Story of Elvis Presley’s Real Daughter” that Lisa Marie Presley took her place for security reasons after Elvis died on August 16, 1977. Allegedly Priscilla took her to Scandinavia and left her there while Lisa Marie continued her life as the child of Elvis Presley. Johansen filed a lawsuit in 2011 against her alleged mother Priscilla Presley for libel and emotional damages. She claims that she has memories of her childhood as the real Lisa Marie when she was still living with Elvis and Priscilla. She tells that Elvis treated her like a princess and he was very much the king in the household. Johansen is also in legal dispute with the publisher of her book. The publisher reportedly wants Johansen to take a DNA test to prove that she is the offspring of Elvis, but she is refusing to do so. The publishers paid her 200,000 USD in royalty advance for the book.

Pete Vallee: Pete Vallee is an Elvis impersonator known as “Big Elvis”. He also claims he’s an illegitimate child of “The King”. The only snag is that there is no DNA test to prove his claim. The story is the same as always… his mother told him in 1996 that he was a result of an affair she allegedly had with Elvis years back.

He is still waiting on a DNA sample from Lisa Marie Presley so he can conduct the DNA tests to finally prove or disprove that Elvis is his father. Understandable, Lisa Marie refuses all DNA tests, period! He has been invited on TV shows, and featured in the National Enquirer magazine.

Brian Clark: Brian Clark from Perth (UK), says his mother Elizabeth Clark told him on her deathbed (haven’t we heard this one before?) that Elvis was his father. He is now applying for a DNA test to prove that he is the illegitimate son of the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. The story goes like this: When his mother visited London in 1959, she met a pregnant American woman who was unable to keep the baby. The woman told his mother that Elvis was the father of the child. They came to an agreement where they both would travel back to Scotland and the American would use his mother’s identity at the hospital (Dumfries Royal Infirmary) to give birth. Then the woman handed the baby over to his mother, and returned to the US. Apparently, when he was younger people said he looked like Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley Jr.: Elvis Aron Presley Jr. lives is Dayton, Ohio, runs an Elvis Presley Museum, and claims to be an illegitimate son of the “King of Rock ’n’ Roll”. Presley Jr. works as a singer, but he’s not an impersonator. Besides his black hair and his singing voice there are no immediate resemblances with his alleged father. He claims to be a result of an affair between his mother Angelique Pettyjohn and Elvis on the set of “Blue Hawaii” in 1961. Presley Jr. was later adopted and grew up with two married circus performers named Anna and Jacob Stanic, as a result an adoption arrangement masterminded by Colonel Parker (that last part sounds quite convincing though). Presley Jr. claims that in the mid-80s it was proven in court that he is Elvis Presley’s son, but the official Presley estate claims that they NEVER have acknowledged him as Elvis’ illegitimate son. Note; There’s a man about 13 years older than Ohio’s Presley Jr. who also allegedly got his name legally changed to Elvis Presley Jr.

Eliza Presley: This one is different. Eliza Presley, a divorced mother of four who now lives in Washington State, claims to be an illegitimate child of Vernon, Elvis’ father. She claims to have obtained Elvis Presley's DNA from an envelope sent to her by Jessie Presley that proves she is Vernon Presley's daughter and Elvis' half-sister. Eliza Presley, whose real name is Alice Elizabeth Tiffin, says her main goal is to be legally declared the daughter of Vernon Presley… not to gain any economic benefits of the matter. Her birth mother, former Memphian Florence Sharp Clark, moved to Texas in 1962 when she learned she was pregnant with an unnamed Memphian man and that she gave her daughter up for adoption. She actually claims, though meeting both Elvis and Vernon at Graceland, that she never was romantically involved with either of them.

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The story of “Tell Me Pretty Baby”

In 1978, the underground label Sheri Kay Publishing released a 7 inch single with the Andrew Jackson song “Tell Me Pretty Baby”, which allegedly was a previously unknown recording by Elvis. This claimed to be his first recording ever, made in Phoenix Arizona, sometime in 1954.

Quite surprisingly, many were fooled by this recording, since the vocals did not resembled Elvis very much. The back cover art boasted proof and testimonials of (so-called) experts that confirmed that this was actually Elvis.

Later, the magazine “Elvis The Record” (Marty Lacker, Billy Smith and Richard Davis) revealed that it all was a scam. The man named Mike Connally (Conley) freely admitted that he was the singer when Cin/Kay Records was sued by Vernon Presley and RCA in 1979. Vernon was certain of two things; 1) Elvis had for sure not visited Phoenix at the time in question, and 2) Elvis had never recorded anything anywhere before he recorded his first songs in the SUN studio in Memphis.

In 2010 the book "Without the King's Consent ... so what happened?" by Andrew Jackson and Frederick Allen was published. The book makes a new attempt to tell the world that the recording might be the real thing. The book claims that there is a conspiracy behind the rejection of the recording’s authenticity.

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Elvis sightings… is the “King” walking among us?

As we have explained several other places on this site there are lots of people who refuse to accept the fact that Elvis died on August 16, 1977. In the wake of the "Elvis is alive" idea there have emerged a number of people who can confirm that they actually have seen Elvis long after 1977… ALIVE. One of the most talked about “I have seen Elvis walking among us” incidents is when Louise Welling reported to have seen Elvis at a Burger King in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1987. This Kalamazoo incident got considerably media attention and the number of Elvis sightings veritably exploded in the wake of this. Many consider this to be the first time anyone had actually seen Elvis alive after his “alleged” death. This is in no way correct. The first Elvis sightings were reported already in 1977, when someone actually observed Elvis at an airport in Memphis the same day (or the day after) Elvis was announced dead. These eyewitnesses have not in any way been taken seriously by the media, and the whole thing has got a comic tint. Several movies also make use of the Elvis sightings as a comical touch... “I just thought I saw Elvis on the gas station across the street”.

In his book “E Reflections on the Birth of the Elvis Faith”, John Strausbaugh distinguishes between two types of Elvis sightings; “Live Elvis sightings” and “Spirit Elvis sightings”. Live Elvis sightings try to prove that Elvis is still alive and "walking among us", so to speak. We have been presented with photo evidence, in the form of faded and grainy pictures that supposedly can prove that Elvis is alive out there somewhere. In his book Strausbaugh draws parallels between these photographs and those we got of UFOs and Bigfoot ... we know all what he refers to; pictures that makes it difficult to grasp what we REALLY look at. The fact that the Elvis sightings takes place at gas stations, in cafes, and your local mall are according to Strausbaugh giving these incredible stories somehow more credibility; “extraordinary event in familiar reality”. Live Elvis Sightings constitutes an important part of the whole conspiracy theory around Elvis.

Spirit Elvis sightings helps to shape Elvis to a mythical figure, and stories about such observations correspond well with what we generally think of as “mythology”. The stories often involve elements of magic and miracles. In the book "Elvis After Life" author Dr. Raymond A. Moody writes about people who have experienced supernatural experiences with Elvis involved. Several of the stories are, to put it mildly, incredible, but for those who have experienced them they were real enough. A policeman from Georgia could tell that Elvis came to him in a dream and told him where his lost son was. Correct, the son was found on the exact spot the “Elvis-ghost” had told him he was. Other stories reminiscent strongly of well-known ghost stories... (Elvis) figurines falling from mantelpieces and so forth. Mutual for all the stories is that those who have experienced them firmly believe that it was somehow Elvis who intervened.

Bill Bixby hosted two television specials in 1991 investigating the subject: “The Elvis Files” and “The Elvis Conspiracy”.

Does Graceland answer back on the Elvis conspiracy sighting issue? What I find interesting is that the official website of Graceland (formerly Elvis.com) has its own section called "Elvis Sightings". The intention here is that people can report if they have seen Elvis in movies, ads, books, magazines, etc. It is in my opinion an attempt to change the meaning of the concept “Elvis sightings”; from the conspiracy concept “Elvis is alive” to the cultural impact declaration “Elvis is everywhere”. This makes me wonder if they actually delete observations suggesting that anyone have seen Elvis alive at the local supermarket (?) (I have not found any such allusions on this page)

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The Orion Story

The early years: Jimmy Ellis (birth name Jimmy Hughes Bell) was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi on February 26, 1945. Jimmy’s mother, who coincidentally was named Gladys… the same as Elvis’ mother, was a single parent. When he was two years old, Gladys and Jimmy moved to Birmingham where he was adopted to R.F. Ellis and his wife Mary Faye, thus changing Jimmy’s surname to Ellis.

In the end of the 70s he became known under the name “Orion”, and his claim to fame was that his natural speech and singing voice was almost like that of Elvis Presley. He struck a deal with Challenger Records (MCA) in 1974, before moving to the small Boblo Records label. One of his five singles for Boblo Records was “I'm Not Trying to be Elvis”.

The “Orion” Story: Ellis signed a major label record contract with Sun Records in 1978. As a marketing stunt Shelby Singleton of Sun International decided to hold back Ellis' identity on the first single; “That's All Right (Mama)” / “Blue Moon of Kentucky” (Sun 1129), leaving listeners wondering if the songs could be alternative takes actually performed by Elvis. Instead of printing Ellis name on the label, it was only printed a question mark. Later Ellis contributed on Jerry Lee Lewis’ 1978 album “Duets” (Sun 1011), as a “ghost singer”. This led to further speculations that it was Elvis that performed on the album. Probably unintentional, but these recordings became an important element in the then evolving theory that Elvis could still be alive.

In 1979 his first album was released (see picture; “Reborn” - Sun 1912), this time with the alias Orion, a character invented by Gail Brewer-Giorgo in her novel “Orion” published in 1978. This character, a rock ’n’ roll singer that faked his own death, reminded a LOT of Elvis Presley. Now, people started to speculate if the novel “Orion” was the true story about Elvis, and the artist Orion actually WAS Elvis. Further on down the road there suddenly popped up a mystery tape including what allegedly was Elvis talking, recorded AFTER August 16, 1977. People like Shelby Singleton, Gail Brewer-Giorgio and Gene Arthur was all strongly involved in the new “Elvis is Alive” theory. Brewer-Giorgio had been introduced to Ellis and his magnificent Elvis-like voice in 1980, when she worked on a film based on her book “Orion”. The film never materialized though.

In 1983 Ellis confessed that he was Orion. He left Sun Records, and stopped performing as Orion until a short-lived comeback in the 1990s. Orion recorded 11 albums and appeared on shows with the Oak Ridge Boys, Jerry Lee Lewis, Reba McEntire, Ricky Skaggs, Lee Greenwood, Ronnie Milsap and Dionne Warwick.

Jimmy Ellis was murdered during a robbery on December 12, 1998 in an Alabama pawnshop.

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Is Elvis Presley alive as “Jesse”?

The Book: The story initiates in 2001 when Dr. Hinton and “Jesse” publish the book “The Truth about Elvis Aron Presley”. In the book Dr. Hinton tells the remarkable story that he has been in contact with Elvis, who is alive and well under the name of Jesse (the name of Elvis’ still born twin brother). Through handwritten letters and postcards from Jesse/Elvis, and references to numerous phone calls, Dr. Hinton states how Jesse/Elvis has been alive the last 24 years, in hiding. Hinton claims that he has treated Jesse/Elvis as his patient from a distance, since he actually never has met this man in person.

Numerology: Numerology plays an essential part of the “Jesse is Elvis” theory. Based on numerology it is not a coincident that Elvis faked his own death on August 16, 1977. Elvis was also known to be interested in numerology. You can read a lot more about this on the website mentioned later in this article.

Linda Hood Sigmon is possibly the most important person (along with Dr. Hinton) in the assertion that Jesse is Elvis. She has known Jesse/Elvis since 1992. It was Sigmon who introduced Dr. Hinton for Jesse/Elvis in the 90s, and she states that she has “lived every page of Jesse's and Dr. Hinton's book” (The Truth about Elvis Aron Presley). She is still a close friend of Jesse/Elvis, and embraces documentation in the form of letters, postcards and gifts she received from Jesse/Elvis since the beginning of the 90s. She made a website “Linda Hood Sigmon Truth” in 2009, which contains vast amounts of articles and documentation on the theme. It's not clear to me if she actually has met Jesse/Elvis, but she is referring to several phone calls. She is rock solid in her assertion; Jesse IS Elvis!

The Photo evidence: In 1997 Sigmon received a letter from Jesse/Elvis which contained a photograph of Jesse/Elvis and what allegedly is his grandson Benjamin (Lisa Marie’s son Benjamin Storm, born 1992). The picture is shown on her website. This photograph has been the subject of considerable discussions among Elvis fans. There is no immediate resemblance between this image and Elvis Presley. Sigmon claims that Jesse/Elvis has told her that he has gone through plastic surgery to keep his identity concealed. According to her website, where there is presented comparisons of facial bone structure between the Jesse/Elvis photograph and familiar photos of Elvis Presley, you may find many similarities between the two. There are certain similarities between Benjamin on the photograph and pictures out there with Lisa Marie and Benjamin.

The Autograph evidence: On her website Sigmon states that she has certification from a court recognized graphologist that the letters she got in her possession from Jesse/Elvis actually is written by Elvis Presley. She has posted the documentations on the website. One of the pages with writing/signature shows the book “The Truth about Elvis Aron Presley” released in 2001. The page shows both signatures of Elvis Presley and “Jesse”. The document in this matter shown on the website states; “After re-evaluation your item via in-person examination, we regret we are not able to give you a conclusion on whether the item was or was not signed by Elvis Presley due to the fact that this book was copyrighted in 2001”.

The DNA evidence: Sigmon’s website presents two reports that confirm the DNA match between Jesse/Elvis and first cousins on both sides of Elvis’ family (Donna Presley: Paternal 1st cousin and Brenda Smith: Maternal 1st cousin). Sigmon states; “Jesse’s DNA was obtained by FOX 8 TV in 2002 from a saliva kit which Jesse furnished to them. The second Jesse’s DNA was obtained from a letter envelope which Jesse licked in 2008”.

The Linda Hood Sigmon Truth website contains a lot of material for further studies. Click Here.

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The “Jon Cotner is Elvis” allegations

Jon Cotner is an artist whose both singing and natural speaking voice is eerily reminiscent of (an elderly version of) Elvis'. He came into the spotlight in 2010 as a mystery singer, and has since then become an internet phenomenon. He seems to have a devoted online fan base, and many of them actually believe that he is Elvis. Cotner have publicly denied that he is Elvis, but somewhat timidly, by saying that wouldn't admit to it if he truly was.

If this wasn’t enough… there’s some facial resemblance between Elvis and Cotner. There’s posted a huge amount of Cotner-videos on You Tube, and several of them draw a line between him and Elvis. One YouTube video I’ve seen converts a photo of Cotner into a photo of Elvis, and I must admit that the pictures fit quite well.

On his website jon-cotner.com you can buy his CDs and books. And by all means ... this man is creative on the verge of absurdity. In his online shop he got more than 30 music CDs, a corresponding number of Bible study CDs and 5 books (some combined with a DVD). I have not read any of his books, although it seems that conspiracies and doomsday is some of the recurrent themes.

Far from everyone is excited about Jon Cotner. Cotner has spent much time on a chat room called “Paltalk”. In this “venue” he has performed songs and kept what may be perceived as sermons. He has allegedly made racist remarks against a person who he thought was Afro American. Some go as far to declare that Cotner and his followers must be seen as a cult. They consider him a narcissist, and are alarmed of the fact that his followers believe in everything he says and follows him through hell and high water. It is actually one person that stated that it all resembles Jim Jones and his temple group.

By the way… he was reportedly born in 1945, 10 years after Elvis.

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Was Elvis an abductee?

It exists at least three books on the Elvis-UFO-Alien theme; “Elvis UFO Connection - Non-fiction Account of Alien Intervention” by Richard Daniel (1987), “Elvis The UFO” by Aileen Bringle and ”Alien Rock: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection” by Michael C. Luckman (2005). The last one mentioned is by far the best known of these publications.

Four main factors seem to be the common ground for the Elvis-Alien-Abductee theory (that, to be frank, just seems like a pile of shit);

-> In his book ”Alien Rock: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection”, author Michael C. Luckman claims that it all started the day Elvis was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Larry Geller and several others of Elvis’ friends have told a story about a blue light that was seen on the night sky above the birth house on January 8, 1935. In the book Geller is quoted; “His father told us he’d gone out to have a cigarette at 2 am during the delivery and when he looked up into the skies above their little shack, he saw the strangest blue light. He knew right then and there that something special was happening” Luckman sees this as a clear sign of extraterrestrial activity.

-> Furthermore, Luckman believes that Elvis was later contacted telepathically by aliens when he was about 8 years old. The extraterrestrials revealed to Elvis what was to become in the future, although Elvis… and I quote from the book; “had no idea what it all meant at the time”. The book presents no credible documentation for these claims.

-> Several books and articles do mention that Elvis experienced several DOCUMENTED UFO sightings throughout his life. With “documented” sightings, they mean stories told by Larry Geller. In my vocabulary “documented” means proof by for instance pictures, footage or at least several eyewitnesses that confirm the story. One of the stories goes with the sightings of moving lights in the night sky in the Nevada desert. In Luckman’s book Geller is quoted; “They were moving far too quickly to be airplanes, so we just chalked it up to UFOs”.

-> The irrational “Elvis is an alien” theory is mainly based on the January 8th, 1935 incident, mentioned above. There’s even some that claim there is a connection with Elvis and the Roswell incident in July 1947 (read more here). Some have indicated that the photographer who first shot Elvis was the same man the US government appointed to take pictures of the alien bodies allegedly found in Roswell. The theory has several flaws… which “first shots of Elvis” are we actually talking about? Which photographer? No credible documentation exists, just “out-there” ideas.

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Was Elvis a part of the secret Illuminate order?

There are several Illuminati-theories out there. Here we will try to introduce you to some of them.

The “Elvis was a programmed slave of the Illuminati” theory

Illuminati… what is it? The Illuminati conspiracy claims that there is a society of global elitists that is in control of the world, or at least trying to. The main goal is to create the New World Order.

In the book “The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave” written by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, it is claimed that Elvis was a programmed slave of the Illuminati.

This statement is based on the following theory; Hollywood and the industry around popular music is considered to be the most important mind control centers. The Illuminati wants to drive us in directions that only benefit them, and none could be more suitable to do the job than pop stars and filmmakers. The theory is based on the existence of "programmers" (people who work for the Illuminati) and "programmed slaves" (tools to spread their message).

Elvis was a programmed slave, and Colonel Parker was his programmer. In some cases Illuminati also used Anton LaVey and Jerry Lee Lewis as programmers of Elvis. A former (anonymous) Illuminati slave confirms that Elvis also was a programmed slave.

Cisco Wheeler, one of the book's authors, was himself a former member of the Illuminati. He is convinced that Elvis was a Multiple programmed by the Illuminati since he used code names such as Jon Burrows. Elvis allegedly told members of the Memphis Mafia that he could go into altered states of consciousness, even seem dead. Wheeler says that the Illuminati probably killed Elvis' twin Jesse Garon at birth so that Elvis would get power of two souls.

Elvis is publicly known to have studied yoga, numerology, drugs, and received new age spiritual training, that fits the profile perfectly according to Wheeler. Elvis was chosen by the Illuminati to introduce rock music to the United States.

The “Elvis was a part of the Rosicrucian Fellowship” theory

The first hypothesis: When Elvis served in the military during 1958 and 1960 he participated, without even being aware of it, in the project MKUltra. This is reportedly a brainwashing program guided by Freudian psychiatrists in the CIA. It was used drugs, such as LSD, to influence (read: weaken) the will of the soldiers and their ability to make their own decisions. The project was top-secret (and illegal), and the soldiers never knew that they attended the program.

The second hypothesis; Elvis continued to participate in this experiment voluntarily even after his military service. His ailing health and the use of prescription drugs was a result of this. Symptoms such as emotional problems, weight gain, liver failure, insomnia, drowsiness, bone resorption and glaucoma was all the late effects of his participation in the project. Elvis immersed himself in literature concerning supernatural phenomena, and he reportedly believed that he had healing powers. There are assumptions that he participated in this obvious harmful project voluntarily because he wanted to be more like Christ (?).

The third hypothesis; Elvis was a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Temple of the East). Wikipedia describes this as an international religious organization founded at the beginning of the 20th century. English author and occultist Aleister Crowley has become the best-known member of the order. It is claimed among conspiracy theorists that this order wishes to recruit influential persons (like Elvis), and initiate them into kabbalah and hermetic literature. One of Elvis's favorite books, “The Impersonal Life” by Joseph Sieber Benner, is said to be one of the important books of this order. There’s also claimed that the United States Junior Chamber (Jaycees) is a clandestine part of this order. Elvis received an award (Ten Outstanding Young Americans) from the Jaycees in January 1971.

The fourth hypothesis; Elvis was a member of the Rosicrucian fellowship. Wikipedia describes this as “an International Association of Christian Mystics, founded in 1909 by Max Heindel with the aim of heralding the Aquarian Age and promulgating ‘the true Philosophy’ of the Rosicrucians”. This philosophy wants to establish a meeting ground for art, religion and science. The design of Elvis's jewelry and jumpsuits allegedly shows that he was a member of the both the Rosicrucian fellowship and the Ordo Templi Orientis:

-> Elvis’ Horseshoe ring: The horseshoe is an occult theosophical and Celtic symbol of power.

-> Elvis's favorite book “The impersonal Life”: This is Hermetic literature derived from the “Divine Pymander” (”Corpus Hermeticum”).

-> The “Iron Cross” jewelry designed by Elvis' girlfriend Linda Thompson: This is a Hermetic symbol that the Templar's and even Nazi's used in World War II.

-> Elvis “Sun Dial” jumpsuit (the jumpsuit he used on his last concert on June 26, 1977): The Zodiac sign and the names of God.

The fifth hypothesis; Elvis was involved with the Scientology church. Among conspiracy theorists this is also a part of the Illuminati. They claim that this church essentially took custody of Lisa Marie after Elvis disappeared in 1977 (they don’t believe he died).

The “Elvis was a cloned Nazi” theory

The website "Elvis Truth" presents one of the most absurd "Elvis conspiracy theories" out there: The famous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele was in the 1930s involved in a project where the goal was to inseminate cloned embryos into the American women. The project failed, with one exception; Mengele actually managed to inseminate Gladys Presley with an embryo, which later split into two inside Gladys’ womb. The result was the twins Jesse Garon and Elvis Aron. The conclusion is that Elvis in some way was an offspring of the dictator Adolf Hitler. In 1977 Elvis was murdered by Freemasons, but shortly after was revived by Illuminati members. He is now stationed in Area 51 (Nevada desert), and is of the main leaders of the Illuminati. (This makes me wonder… how on earth can anyone come up with this utter crap?!)

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